Interactive helper

It is simple and intuitive program that can help you to select a suitable instrument Mikrotherm® or Watlow®. After starting the program you are offered a comparative table of our supplied instruments as well as all their basic parameters. There also is a possibility to choose a controller type meeting your requirement to maximum possible extent  



If you have chosen some of the instruments switch over to appropriate bookmark (e.g. PID Regulator Mikrotherm® MT600). You can select an individual modification of the instrument there in accordance with your individual demands (e.g. input/ output types, communication line, etc.). Anytime when a selection of some instrument modification has been conducted you can see a detail description of the possibilities in the right hand side of the window. In the bottom part of the same window you can see an order code of the instrument assembly in question and its price. If higher number of the items to be purchased is set it automatically implies that the price involves quantity discount in accordance with the current pricelist.

It is believed that this program will become an interesting diversification as well as helper in selecting process of our products. The prices calculated by our program are to be considered those having been valid and in force by the date when you downloaded the program.

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