Limit controller MT125 - independent protective element

Price: CZK 990/EUR 40 without VAT

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Apparatus possibilities Technical parameters
  • Analog device
  • Alarm output
  • Termocouples J, K, S a T
  • Signalling indication of apparatus function a state of alarm output by means of LED diodes
  • Adjustable reset mode of operation
  • DIN rail mounting
  • Dimensions 90 x 52 x 58 mm
  • 1 measuring input (Thermocouple J, K, S a T)
  • Input for manual reset after limit temperature exceeding(for push button)
  • Possibility of automatic reset
  • 1x output relay (change-over switching contact)
  • Accuracy 0.1%
  • Operating temperature 0-50 C
  • Limit temperature is pre-set in factory

Typical applications
Principle of function
  • Independent protective element
  • The use shall apply everywhere there is a danger of temperature increase exceeding safety value
  • In the event of failure of control loop elements it protects technological equipment or material (sensor/pick-up, controller, power switch,...)
By means of temperature sensor connected to input the temperature of protected equipment or material is measured. Output of limit unit is connected to power contact making switch that is also intended for disconnecting heating if temperature exceeding occurs. The output is connected as a changeover switch, which implies that it is to be used simultaneously for starting external failure indication (alarm). In operating standstill state (i.e. without power supply) the output is switched off. After connecting power the green colour diode goes on and the output is connected. In the event of measuring temperature exceeding the disconnecting level, the output is turned off. No sooner than it occurs the red light emitting diode LED goes on. The output reclosure after its turning off is possible only under the situation that the following two conditions are satisfied simultaneously: measured temperature is under switch-on level and controlling input is short circuited (reset).  
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