Universal technological software MtUni v2.1 for MS Windows

The licence price for 1 apparatus:

CZK500/EUR20 without VAT
The licence price for 2 apparatus:
CZK1400/EUR51 without VAT
The licence price for 3 apparatus: CZK2400/EUR87 without VAT
The licence price for 4 apparatus: CZK3400/EUR122 without VAT
The licence price for 5 and more apparatus:
CZK5400/EUR192 without VAT
Program is capable to communicate with apparatuses:
  • Mikrotherm MT600 (simple PID controller)
  • Mikrotherm MT825A (programmable PID controller)
  • Mikrotherm MT825C (multi-channel meter)
  • Mikrotherm MT825P (modification necessary- upgrade firmware CZK 380,- without VAT)
  • Mikrotherm MT825K (modification necessary- upgrade firmware CZK 380,- without VAT)
  • Mikrotherm MT825S (is being prepared - implementace of MODBUS ASCII protocol)
  • Watlow 96 series (support is being prepared)
  • Watlow 98x series (support is being prepared)
  • Watlow F4P (only monitoring/data logger)
  • Watlow F4S, F4D (only monitoring/data logger)
  • Watlow SD (is being prepared)
  • Supplementary apparatuses that support 16-bitl MODBUS RTU protocol are to be added easily.
Description of program:
The program communicates with controllers through series line EIA485 (as many as 32 apparatuses on one line) or RS232 (one apparatus only) and makes use of standard industrial MODBUS RTU protocol. The program is distributed in versions applicable for arbitrary number of apparatuses. DEMO version of the program is available as well. For the purpose of its function the program does not require any other supportive programs.
New communication software MtUni2.1 brings several interesting things compared to previous and rival solutions. It covers primarily the following points:
  • It does not require any further supportive programs (e.g. CW2000)
  • Automatic detection of apparatuses on the bus (as many as 32 apparatuses)
  • It can easily be completed by support of another apparatuses based on 16-bit Modus RTU protocol
  • In the phase of preparation is SW emulation of line printer on standard.
  • Web interface - integrated FTP client for for transfer of measured data to Internet
  • Each instrument can be designated
  • Selected apparatus is to be monitored
  • Is possible to monitor as many as 32 values selected by you i.e. values of arbitrary apparatuses simultaneously
  • Work with history integrated in apparatuses
  • Creation of scheme of technological process on user basis (it is not to be set as an contracted job solution)
  • Possibility of creation, backup and upload of programs for the controller MT825A on PC including display of graphic preview of the manner, how programmed behaviour will look like.
  • The record of measured values(data logger) and their registration includingsaving such data as(custommer, number of pieces, annealing temperature, etc.)
  • The selection of refresch rate in one-second time intervals begining 1s on.
  • Export measured values to the following files: DBF, PDF, RTF, DOC, XLS, HTML, SQL, XML, CSV, DIF, SYLK a LATEX
  • The protocol print dealing with batch(the A4 format comprises all data– customer, number of pieces,… + graphic display of behaviour)
  • Blocking difrent programme functions by applying password in accordance with preselection
  • Updating within the frame of possibility free of charge
  • The possibility of customization/ customer requested SW modifications
Demo version can be „brought“ to a full scope version by using activation key that can be sent to you by e-mail
Optional extras/accesories
Communicaton Converter RS232/EIA485
When the EIA485 bus is used it implies that converter is inevitably necessary to make connection to PC possible
The MODBUS communication test The detail instructions for putting communication into service
Files to be downloaded
Number of downloads
[ 40239 ]
[ 39344 ]
[ 39007 ]
[ 39893 ]
[ 36481 ]
Operating and maintenance instruction manual MtUni v.2.1 (SW)
Catalogue sheet
operating and maintenance instruction manual MtUni v.2.1 (SW)