General commercial terms and conditions

Quantity discounts for the Mikrotherm products:
  • 3 up to 6 pcs discount 6%
  • 7 up to 15 pcs discount 10%
  • 16 up to 25 pcs discount 20%
  • 26 and more pieces 30%
  • Quantity discounts are to be to set up only for a single order
  • In case of permanent purchases the quantity discounts are those stipulated in contracts
Quantity discounts for the WATLOW controllers:
  • 10 up to 15 pcs discount 5%
  • 16 and more pieces – individual discounts
  • on purchase of 305m and more a thermocouple and extension wire discount 10%
  • Quantity discounts are to be to set up only for a single order
  • In case of permanent purchases the quantity discounts are those stipulated in contracts
Basic provisions:
General commercial terms and conditions stipulating relations between Supplier and Customer in the area of sales of goods, the products of our own, software and the works between the Thermoprozess Company and its business partners.

Price and commercial terms and conditions:
  • The prices of goods presented in the price list are current one taking into account that the Company reserves the right to change price.
  • The prices of goods in the price list are presented without VAT, the prices in v interactive helper are calculated including VST and quantity discounts also included i.e. those quantity discounts that depend on the quantity of the individual purchases.
  • The price of goods is charged including postage and packing at the level of CZK 150.
  • The individual supplies of goods are effected on the basis of an order placed by the buyer with our company, which covers the orders sent by post, fax or electronic mail. The order shall contain the following items:
  1. Name of the company, the company's registered place of business, name, address
  2. The company's identification number (IČO), the company's tax identification number (DIČ), Bank account number, telephone and fax number
  3. Purchase order number and date of its issuance
  4. Type the goods required and the number of pieces
  5. Invoicing address, the place and way of delivery
  6. Required date of delivery
  7. The company's seal/ stamp and signature of authorised person

Terms of payment:

  1. Payment in cash at the moment of purchase
  2. Payment in advance by bank's order and money transfer
  3. Cash on delivery at the moment of goods having been delivered (only for customers from the Czech Republic)
  4. Payment on the basis of invoice with maturity term of 14 days if not otherwise stipulated while the payer presents the invoice number as variable symbol

The purchaser commits himself to pay the purchase price in favour of the seller to full extent of the price in question and within set date. In case of non-observation of the maturity date the seller reserves the right to charge an interest for delayed payment at the level of 0,5 % for each begun day of payment delay until the full payment is made. The goods remain until the date of full payment the property of the Thermoprozess Company.

Terms of delivery and shipping conditions:

The ordered goods is supplied in accordance with their sorts and types in the dates of delivery lying within the time interval from 2 days to 6 weeks. The goods are sent by forwarding service DPD or in the form of commercial parcel through the Česká pošta (The Czech Post) and it is delivered within 24 hours, or by other form of transport mutually agreed upon beforehand. For deliveries abroad the Fedex service is used as a rule.

The Thermoprozess Company provides guarantee for the goods and products in accordance with the Commercial Code of the Czech Republic, for selected types of products and goods there is warranty time up to 24 months and for the goods and products of the Watlow Company there is warranty time up to 36 months.

Closing provisions::
General terms and conditions of sales and deliveries of the Thermoprozess s.r.o. Company are an integral part of the contract or of the confirmed order.