Instrumentation and control technology

Although we produce and deliver great variety of PID controller types for the most demanding applications working under severe industrial conditions in digital system controlled PLC's or by those controlled by computers our scope of products also covers devices for simple pieces of equipment where simple and pleasant operation features are most appreciated

All instruments presented below have the following characteristic in common:

  • microprocessor technology
  • measurment accuracy 0,1%
  • two-position or PID regulation control
  • automatic optimization of PID control parameters
  • two displays
  • variable hardware
  • guarantee time period: 3 years

  Simple controllers (in most case it is constant value control or simple ramp and waiting functions):
  Watlow PM
  Watlow SD
  The controllers suitable for 3-position control (for a valve)


  Watlow F4P
  Programmable controllers with real time clock for more complex and complicated control operations.
  Universal controllers for the most demanding applications with broad spectrum of setting
  WatlowF4S, F4D
  Other elements:
  MT825C (eight-channel measuring apparatus with possibility of value recording
  MT125 (limit unit)
  We supply full scope of assortment of Watlow and Carlo Gavazzi Companies, if you are interested in instruments and devices that are not in our standard offer, please, contact us...