Welcome on websites of THERMOPROZESS s.r.o. Company, the producer of the MIKROTHERM® controllers and sole exclusive distributor of WATLOW Company products.

As for the automatic controllers, power switches, temperature sensors, heating elements and all accessories you may rely on us to be able to satisfy your demanding requirements.

Thanks to our broad scope engagement we can offer you our experience regarding the method consisting in selection of these components, optimisation and mutual co-ordination and bringing then in harmony. Besides partial deliveries we can also offer you complete solution.



Our scope products is as follows:

  controllers    power switches    thermocouple and extension wires    heating elements


WATLOW® - our partner for thermal systems, instrumentation and control technology.


WATLOW ranks among the biggest worldwide manufacturers of equipment for industrial thermal processes. WATLOW develops and manufactures all components - heating elements, temperature sensors, power elements and controllers. WATLOW offers wide assortment of products and primarily certainty that you may get only with the manufacturer that thanks to his broad orientation connects experience from the whole professional field with tradition which is longer than 75 years. The quality of products and services provided make you believe that Watlow is proper choice for your application.