Web interface in combination with MtUni2.1
Price: Standard part of MtUni2.1
Program description:
MtUni2.1 and higher levels has FTP client integrated. What does it mean? It means that in MtUni setting it is possible to enter an acces name, password and the name of host server (e.g. server thet administers webhosting of your Internet prezentation). On condition that the data are correct,the MtUni will periodically after preset time having elapsed conduct sending measured data to this server. The aforementioned data are sent direct in the HTML-format, nevertheless the XML or TXT formats are to be used as well. It means that it is sufficent for using Internet browser to set appropriate adress and current state of your apparatuses, that are just being monitored by MtUni, wich makes view them from any point equipped with Internet connection.
Do you not believe it works? We have prepared an exhibit for you...

In our registered place of business of our THERMOPROZESS Ltd. Company in the city of České Budějovice an older PC (AMD K6 266MHz, 30MB RAM) was connected to the Internet network, and after having made the connection the MtUni2.1 was connected and it was also connected with multi-channel MT825C meter. The last named meter by means of connected sensors monitors the external temperatures (outside the window) and furthermore the temperatures inside the computer (HDD, Chipset, VPU, CPU, Case, Source, CD-ROM). Temperature recording is conducted on this PC with frequency one in 5 minutes and moreover every 15 minutes the measured data are transferred to Internet network. It should be point out that the data transfer covers the latest 100 values only (in accordance with MtUni setting)

Real teperature in the city of Ceske Budejovice and inside ouer PC
The possibilities of web interface:
  • It is possible to monitor the state of the controllers and metering devices trough Internet
  • In some cases it possible to monitor data even by means of mobile phone.
  • In preparation phase, wich is in progress now it will be possible to view on Internet web sites immediately the latest measured values, graphs according to your choice of functions of automatic web site restoration (project in PHP)
  • Simple remote control of controllers through Internet is just being taken into account for future applications